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Cultural Institute

A place of discovery and interaction

Housed in the magnificent 18th century Labottière mansion, standing opposite La Grande Maison, the Cultural Institute Bernard Magrez is a private initiative of arts patronage.

The initiative is driven by the will and desire of one man to share his love for art and artists. After building an entrepreneurial career based on excellence, innovation and creativity, Bernard Magrez now wants to “give back to society” what good fortune gave him. 

The Cultural Institute is an Arts Centre which hosts two major exhibitions a year as well as Conferences, in particular “Les Nuits du Savoir”, with a highly eclectic program led by researchers, intellectuals and lecturers, and with the aim of encouraging interaction between artists and the general public.

The Institute also houses an artists’ residence and studios for young artists to support creativity.

A patron of the arts but an art lover first and foremost, Bernard Magrez exhibits several works from his own private collection between the two exhibitions.


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